Winter clothes

Parka or down jacket - what is the difference and which is warmer? 8 differences and selection rules

The prototype of the modern warm parkas is called the clothes of the northern nationalities made of deer skins. Warm handmade products warmed reindeer herders in cold and bad weather. The military style of the park acquired later, when it began to be used as a uniform of American pilots. Japanese fishermen adopted the cut of the jacket and enhanced the water-repellent properties with fish oil impregnation. The widespread use of warm pairs as outerwear began in the 70s of the XX century, and at the beginning of the XXI century, fashion returned again.

Women’s marsh-colored parka

Today, a park is called a warm elongated jacket of a loose fit, which can be adjusted to the figure with a drawstring on the drawstring. Fabrics resembling jeans are used for sewing. A special impregnation is applied to the surface of the material, protecting it from moisture and wind. It differs from the usual winter jackets of the park:

voluminous hood with fur;

double closure (zipper and velcro);


large pockets.

All this serves as additional protection from the cold and allows you to keep warm longer in frosty weather. If earlier the difference between pairs consisted in the use of protective or brown tones, which referred to the military uniform or clothing of pilots, today you can find models of a wide variety of colors.

Attention! You can read more about the history of the parkas, its differences from jackets and what materials modern models are sewn from in the article “What are parks? A parka is a jacket in men’s and women’s clothing.”

What is a down jacket: the difference from jackets and coats
Women’s elongated Down Jacket

Sometimes a down jacket is mistakenly called any warm winter jacket. However, it is a separate species with its own characteristics. The down jacket differs from ordinary jackets or coats in that it has fluff in its composition. This natural filler gave the name to the clothes. Down jacket is a quilted jacket, the top of which is sewn from synthetic fabrics: polyester or nylon. The features of the model consist in lightness and moisture resistance.

Parka and down jacket: distinctive features and thermal characteristics
Calling a park a down jacket and vice versa is wrong — these types of warm clothes have characteristic features and differ from each other. The choice of a suitable jacket will depend on the goals, lifestyle of the hostess and the weather conditions of the region of residence.

The difference between a parka and a down jacket
The difference between the two types of warm jackets is in the features of the cut. The park has a laconic appearance and is more spacious. Women’s and men’s models are designed to easily fit a thick sweater under them. Parkas are comfortable and suitable for permanent wear in any weather.

Unlike pairs, down jackets have a variety of styles. The buyer can choose a model that suits his style and occasion — for going out or walking in the country. However, most down jackets differ from cozy couples in less comfort.

1. Park
The most practical kind of winter outerwear and simply the best jacket for the Russian weather. We have chosen three different parkas for you: khaki, universal black and blue, which will perfectly match with your favorite suit.
2. Insulated coat
A coat with a down lining is an option for those who, with the arrival of frost, do not intend to change a fitted coat for a voluminous down jacket. Elegant and warm. Just don’t forget about the hat.
3. Daflcot
We consider it unfair that people often forget about daflcots when talking about outerwear. Why are they worse than wool coats? And by the way, not every coat has a hood.
4. Sheepskin coat
Sheepskin coat is the most expensive, but at the same time the most durable kind of winter outerwear. Everything is honest. The main thing is to approach her choice wisely: our advice will help you.
5. Down jacket
A good old winter jacket, tested by frost and time. Convenient in every sense. The main thing is that it sits well on you and is not too voluminous – otherwise there is a risk of looking ridiculous in it, which we do not wish anyone.
6. Down coat
One of the warmest types of winter clothing. Voluminous down coats resembling blankets are in fashion now, but we would opt for something more classic. We will leave the experiments for the heroes of street style and warm seasons.
7. Bomber jacket
An unusual option for those who like bombers as much as we do. Finally, you can not part with them even in winter.